How Large Is Your Blind Spot ?

And how is it impacting your life, your relationships, your career, business and finances?

Due to the very nature of your blind spot, you are probably not even aware of how it is affecting you.

If you ever find yourself getting in your own way, not following through with your plans and resolutions, punching below your weight, this may well be due to the self-sabotage effect of your personal blind spot. 

I help my clients to see what they normally can't, enabling them to rapidly accelerate and increase their personal and business success.

The corporate clients I have served worldwide include:


My corporate clients benefit from:

  • a rapid acceleration and increase of their sales revenue and profit, due to the advanced negotiation techniques I teach

  • substantially better bottom-line business results, due to the game-changing business transformation strategies I help them to develop and implement

My private clients tell me they enjoy the personal benefits they get from working with me, including:

  • improved personal authority, resilience and increased leadership presence, resulting in greater traction 

  • elimination of self-sabotage patterns, due to the advanced mental training techniques they learn to apply

If any of these benefits resonate with you, I'd be happy to hear from you!

Kind regards

Andreas Buergi