Cutting-Edge Seminars & Events:

Andreas loves to conduct highly interactive workshops, seminars and employee events for corporate clients world-wide, using powerful  business simulations to ensure that each event is fun, relevant, and transformational.

Andreas' favourite range of seminar and workshop topics includes:

  • Sales Revenue Accelerator: How to speed up, increase and multiply your sales with our Instant Income Improvement techniques

  • Elegant Negotiation Training:  How to create and close better business deals faster - especially in a complex, intercultural context

  • Negotiating With Giants: How to engage and deal with the tough new breed of global corporate procurement and sourcing specialists

  • Intercultural Leadership Training: How to lead, communicate and influence effectively and successfully across cultural boundaries

  • Creative Conflict Management:  How to increase employee engagement, trust, performance and innovation in a complex environment

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Encouraging Learning Atmosphere

Andreas is unique. We are lucky to have him as our trainer for negotiation skills. I truly admire his coaching approach, his enthusiasm and his energy. He understands our business challenges, and is able to coach us to find the way forward. He is demanding in a positive way, and creates an encouraging learning atmosphere. He inspires, motivates, listens, gives feedback, and makes the participant feel good and able to succeed.

Riitta Pyymäki, Learning & Development Manager, Finnair Plc

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