Andreas loves to conduct highly interactive workshops, seminars and employee events for corporate clients world-wide, using powerful  business simulations to ensure that each event is fun, relevant, and transformational.

He has successfully coached and trained more than 22'000 sales and business executives in 32 countries, focused on advanced business negotiation, transformation and strategic leadership.

Andreas is passionate about helping B2B sales executives and key account managers to rapidly accelerate and increase their revenue and profit.

If you want to significantly improve the success rate of your B2B sales, our Elegant Negotiation System training will help you to:
  • Double the value of your B2B sales deals
  • Cut the time required to close them by up to 50%
  • Reduce the risk of failure in your negotiations by up to 90%


Andreas provides cutting-edge leadership training with business simulations like The Treasure Hunt, which teaches top-executives how to maximize their leadership impact and business performance even in difficult, complex, unpredictable circumstances

This may sound too good to be true.

Yet this is what our corporate clients experience when working with us.

However, we must warn you:

Our unconventional approach requires an open mind, a positive attitude and a willingness to take effective action.